Santa Martha Colombia
(South America)
February 7-10, 2006

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The main focus of the conference will be:

Accessibility and Internationalization of Web-based Information Systems

The aim of the conference is to actively promote academic collaboration between European and American universities. An important objective will be the dissemination of knowledge and experience related to the topics outlined in the main conference agenda. In particular, the conference will promote the relevant state-of-the-art technologies that can potentially provide key research directions to young researchers and new research groups. Another equally important aspect of the conference will be to focus on access to innovation as one of the essential first steps in the research process.

International Organization for Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (@WAS)

@was International Organization

IEEE      Association for Computing Machinery
IEEE Computer Society
     Association for
Computing Machinery

Brazilian Computer Society
Brazilian Computer Society

Observatory for the Cibersociety
Observatory for the Cibersociety


Sidar Foundation
Sidar Foundation

Faculty of Systems Engineering, University UNAB-Colombia

Robotics Institute, University of Valencia-Spain
Robotics Institute University of Valencia

Department of Telecooperation, Johannes Kepler University Linz-Austria.
Department of Telecooperation Johannes Kepler University

Distributed Systems Group, Portsmouth University, UK.
Distributed Systems Group Portsmouth University

University of Magdalena, Santa Marta, Colombia.
University of Magdalena

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